Using rsync to synchronize

Steven Levine steve53 at
Wed Apr 4 15:51:57 MDT 2012

In <4F7CABA1.3020103 at>, on 04/04/12
   at 01:14 PM, James Moe <jimoe at> said:

Hi James,

>rsync --recursive --links --times --dirs --stats --delete \
>  --itemize-changes --quiet --exclude-from=exclude-filename \
>  /data-store1/ /data-store2/

FWIW, --dirs is rundundant in the above.

>  Recently I have had the need to actually synchronize the files between
>two data stores. That is, whichever data store has the newest timestamp
>updates the other data store.

Take a look at --existing and --update.  Some combination of of these will
probably get you the result you want.  It depends on your definition of



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