Permission settings problem

András Porjesz andras.porjesz at
Wed Apr 4 03:26:06 MDT 2012

Hi all,
I'm a bit confused about the handling of the permissions, so please help me to find out the solution:

I have an ryncd running as service (root:root), and it has a config file rsyncd.conf
Also I have clients, these clients send files to the server.
In general the received files on the server should have the following ownership/permissions:
User id is the same as the original (taken as user id, it may or may not exists on the server), the group id is explicitely defined, so it should be set unconditionally to a given value.
Also the files must have g+r and the directories must have g+rx set, the others may remain as the original.

As far as I see using --perms on the client side we are unable to configure the server, the permission settings in rsyncd.conf are ignored. In this case there is no way to set the group, but all the other requirements can be fulfilled by flags on the client side: --chmod, --numeric-ids, --perms ....
Without --perms I can set the permissions on the server side, but in this case server won't take the user names and cannot set different permissions for dirs and files (in rsyncd.conf I can set gid, incoming chmod).

Basically it is written in the documentation, the incoming chmod has no effect if --perms is used on the client side and it is completely clear.
But also based on the documentation the gid parameter specifies the group name when the daemon was run as root - and here there is no exception. In my tests --perms on the client side caused this gid settings to be ignored too.

Is this a bug or maybe I misunderstood something? 


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