Strange bug (buffer overflow) happening only under cron

Pedro Fortuny Ayuso pfortuny at
Mon Oct 31 11:01:30 MDT 2011

[I am trying to answer everybody who sent in their suggestions]

(to Wayne: the scripts runs OK outside cron; those messages are just
a couple of files which do not exist right now but may in the future: those
lines have never prevented the script from working).

(to Bernard Voelker: I did not try without the '~' but the script used to
work in previous rsync versions, so ... but I shall try when I can,
just in case).

(to Henri Shustak: I have not. I am uncomfortable with launchd, but I
am getting the feeling that I shall have to start using it despite my

Thank you for your help.

Right now I am unable to test it (there are a couple of troubles with my
connection etc.) but I shall look at all your suggestions.

In any case, it was working perfectly well until two (maybe three) weeks
ago, when I reckon my ISP ( changed their rsync version.
I then put the problem to the use of different versions (they installed 3.0.9
and I had 3.0.6 running, but it still happens -which is the bug report I
submitted, both running 3.0.9).

I am "happy" having to run the script myself (outside cron), and shall try to
look at the source code (and even run rsync in debug mode, or whatever).

I shall keep you posted.

And thanks a lot for your help.


On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 4:22 PM, Wayne Davison <wayned at> wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 6:51 AM, Pedro Fortuny <pfortuny at> wrote:
>> cp: ./Dropbox/HostMonsterPage/doc/ampliacion.pdf: No such file or
>> directory
>> cp: ./Dropbox/HostMonsterPage/doc/metodos.pdf: No such file or directory
> I note that those are not rsync errors, so something is wrong with your
> script.  Did it chdir to the right directory?  Did Dropbox unmount on
> logout?
>> building file list ... ERROR: buffer overflow in recv_rules [Receiver]
> This likely indicates a corrupted data stream since the remote receiver got
> a bog integer at that point.  Did something in the ssh login output
> something?  You should try some cron-run ssh commands and look for clues
> (e.g. "ssh -i /path/keyfile echo OK" or similar).
> ..wayne..

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