unpack_smb_acl() errors

Steven Levine steve53 at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 23 12:16:13 MDT 2011

In <20665313-68CB-416C-A4F9-02B6F564492F at comcast.net>, on 10/23/11
   at 11:16 AM, Robert DuToit <rdutoit at comcast.net> said:

>I have been noticing this in stderr recently. Is this a problem? Standard
>OSX patches on 3.0.7 - everything working perfectly otherwise.

>Calling unpack_smb_acl() on "/Users/astrid"

Offhand, I'd say this is leftover debug code.  I don't see it in the
unpatched sources.  Take a look in acls.c for the message.



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