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> However, it seems as if these rule files are merged together into one,
> instead of being treated separately for each
> directory.

Having conflicting per-dir merge files is handled differently depending on
if you're doing incremental recursion (the default for 3.x) or the older,
pre-scan-the-whole-tree algorithm.  You could try using --no-i-r.  However,
I'd recommend using an absolute hide from a central filter file (or
command-line options) as a simpler solve.  e.g.:

--filter='show,/ /path/A/*.zip' -f'S/ /path/B/' --filter='hide *' A/
B/ C

rsync -f="- .*" -f=": .rsync-include" A B Destination:C

I assume this is missing the trailing slashes for A and B.

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