why does rsync translate user at host into '$RSYNC_RSH -l user host'?

Kevin Korb kmk at sanitarium.net
Wed Oct 19 22:08:03 MDT 2011

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I should also point out that I am not making up cool distinctive names
for my config file.  I am using that actual host name of the system that
I am trying to connect to so that I can type 'ssh hostname' as if I were
plugged into the LAN that it was on.

I can sit at my house with my private IP, type 'ssh
hostname', and end up logged into a server at work with a private IP.  I got there by actually connecting to a
real internet IP address/host name but I don't have to specify that
every stinking time I want to ssh.

On 10/19/11 23:58, Kevin Korb wrote:
> you find it easier to make a bunch of ssh config clauses first, each
> with cool distinctive names? I salute your typing skills.

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