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I believe order matters.  It needs to be after the --archive.

Actually, you really shouldn't be using --archive anyways because FAT
only supports a couple of the things in --archive.  You should use
- --recursive and --times instead of --archive and a bunch of things to
remove the parts of --archive that don't work.

Also, if your source is not FAT you will probably also need
- --modify-window=2 and if you live somewhere that has daylight savings
time you will occasionally need --modify-window-3602.

On 10/07/11 14:17, James Moe wrote:
> Hello,
>   rsync v3.0.7
>   I am backing up data to a USB memory drive that is formatted FAT32,
> which does not comprehend linux permissions.
>   I added the "--no-perms" option to the option set. rsync still
> attempts to change the permissions.
> OPTS = "--no-perms --archive --stats --delete --itemize-changes
> --quiet --exclude-from='${EXCL_FILE}"
> Typical entry in the log file:
> 2011/10/07 10:27:10 [9597] .d...p..... sma-v3/sma-mailing-list/
> 2011/10/07 10:27:10 [9597] .f...p..... sma-v3/sma-mailing-list/index.php
> IIRC the "p" indicates a permissions change.
>   Is this to be expected?

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