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>> But they killed their sourceforge downloads, all, including past 
>> versions of cwrsync, including source.

>That seems pretty antisocial of them.

Interesting.  They are allowed to do what they want with the binaries, but
the sources are another issue.  As I read the GPL, they must continue to
provide access to the sources for at least three years after the binary
was last distributed.

In addition, they must provide access to the actual sources used to build
the binaries.  For example, if itefix modified any of the rsync sources
used to build the binaries, it's not sufficient to provide a link to the
rsync sources at


>... though I'm not sure it's what it says it is.

To me, it looks the what they say it is, which is the install component of
cwRsync.  I don't know enough about Windows installers to say if it is

>They can't prevent the source code from being distributed, if that's the 

Well, they are not really trying to do that.  What they are doing is
removing access at a site they control for the sources corresponding to
binaries they distributed in the past.

Perhaps, someone that is interested in cwRsync should contact itefix and
ask them if there are any source code modifications.

Another option is to contact the FSF and ask them to review the issue. 
This is after all, part of their charter.



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