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Wed Nov 23 14:19:41 MST 2011


--- Comment #3 from itpp11 <info at ecsystems.nl> 2011-11-23 21:19:41 UTC ---
Tnx! yes it would help if fuzzy would have a wider search area, for example
ntbackup files are single files, wbadmin backup files are stored inside their
own folder structure which changes with each new backup. If possible allow
"../" to narrow fuzzy search to the tree backups are stored, ea.


while you are in 20111130 a fuzzy search including ../ would include all known
FULL backup files but only those of server-021 but without having to know the
folder names.

\backupFULL\server-041\20111114\windowsimagebackup\server-041\backup 2011-11-14

The principle is then the same as the next backup rsync position would be
"\backupFULL\server-041\201111xx" so that a fuzzy include of ../ would
eventually search upwards into the tree of the last FULL backups finding a
similar VHD backup file to Delta compare with.

Hopefully you can think of some kind of dynamic solution for this.

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