Replacing rsync on OSX servers.

Elliot Wilen ewilen at
Tue Nov 22 17:24:35 MST 2011

Apologies if I missed something in earlier posts, but I wonder if those of you who are looking to install rsync on your OS X boxes are aware of macports.

Currently rsync 3.0.7 is available through macports, which would save you the trouble of compiling, and it would simplify reinstallation if necessary. I don't know/recall, though, where it gets installed. For that matter, macports might allow you to select an installation directory. (I'm not an expert in macports--I mainly use it to update BIND and to install nmap on my Macs.)

Also, I'll note that I recently had trouble using macports 2.0.3 (the current version) on a box running OS X 10.6.8. (It had been upgraded from 10.5.x, and in fact may have started life running 10.4.x.) I was able to solve this by installing macports 1.8.0. A newer version might have worked just as well, but with 2.0.3 some parts of macports were unsuccessfully trying to use the version of curl that was installed in the system.

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