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--- Comment #1 from itpp11 <info at ecsystems.nl> 2011-11-18 11:35:57 UTC ---
While trying to find a workaround via ssh, like:
plink -ssh -v -C -L 875:localhost:873 -l root %NASDEST% -pw %rootPW% -m
Where sshcmds.txt contains cp(copy) commands to get future copies of backup
files ready for a delta-overwrite on the remote(server) side I stumbled on
rsync's fuzzy! which does what I was looking for!

For example:
rsync -vtrz --inplace --delete-after --fuzzy --copy-dest="/88_John_Cleese2"
"/88_John_Cleese" "test at"

Will copy a new file to its destination and when a similar file is found IN the
destination it will use that existing file as a Delta base ! Also the
--copy-dest will tell the rsync server to look there as well for possible
matches to the new file.

The only thing which isn't documented, is it possible to use:
so that the entire destination is searched for a match ?
And how do you provide multiple destinations ?
Ea. is this allowed:
Or do we need to repeat the command ?
--copy-dest="/88_John_Cleese2" --copy-dest="/88_John_Cleese4"

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