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Mon Nov 14 10:42:55 MST 2011

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On 11/14/11 12:38, Mike Brown wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 10:36:39AM -0500, Kevin Korb wrote:
>> rsync -avzH host:/path/ /path/
>> No new daemon or config file needed.
> That is how I started out.  But, when run as me, it will not copy over files
> that belong to other users.
> I can't run it as root, as root login via ssh is not allowed for security
> reasons.

> The UID/GID issue with the server is a nasty bit of fine print that is only
> found in the rsyncd.conf man mage.  It would be real user friendly to have a
> note in the "Starting rsync daemon to accept connections:" section of the
> rsync man page saying that using the daemon results in it running as user
> and group "nobody" and to see the rsyncd.conf uid/gid module directives for
> more detail.

This might be a good idea.  It is a fairly common question.  OTOH,
launching as root to be able to bind to a privileged port# then dropping
privileges to user nobody is fairly common in services designed to
distribute data.  Such as Apache.

> MB

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