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Kevin Korb kmk at
Mon Nov 14 08:36:39 MST 2011

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Also, for a one time thing it is generally much easier to run rsync over
ssh than it is to setup the rsync daemon and config file...

rsync -avzH host:/path/ /path/

No new daemon or config file needed.

On 11/14/11 05:02, Paul Slootman wrote:
> On Mon 14 Nov 2011, Mike Brown wrote:
>> For the most part, all of the directories are being copied, but there are
>> files that it refuses to copy.  For example:
>>     -rw-------   1 brown        146 Jul 31 20:58 .TTauthority
>> Any file that is 600 it will leave behind and list it as permission denied.
>> Root is doing the work on both ends, as I start the rsync daemon as root.
> Did you note the fact that the rsync daemon will by default do its work
> as user "nobody"?  Search for "uid" in the rsyncd.conf manpage.
> Paul

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