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Mike Brown brown at
Mon Nov 14 00:24:08 MST 2011

First time posting to this mail list.  Be gentle :-)

Project: Building new Linux Fedora server to replace the existing Solaris 10
         x86 server.

Rsync is being used to transfer files from the current server to the new
server.  The rsync daemon didn't want to start on the older server via inetd.
Not a big deal, I just manually started it.

The first directory being copied is /home.  Root is running the rsync program
on the new server.  The rsync options are: -avzH

For the most part, all of the directories are being copied, but there are
files that it refuses to copy.  For example:

    -rw-------   1 brown        146 Jul 31 20:58 .TTauthority

Any file that is 600 it will leave behind and list it as permission denied.

Root is doing the work on both ends, as I start the rsync daemon as root.

Any hints as to how to get rsync to copy every file and directory?



[PS: Hopefully this isn't posted twice.  I forgot that mailman doesn't like
 aliases for e-mail addresses :-) ]
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