Line delimiters ignored in per-dir filter files

wbr at wbr at
Mon May 30 14:37:05 MDT 2011

I'm "pulling" files from a remote server, and the line delimiters in per-dir filter files on the remote machine appear to be ignored. If I set a single line rule, it works fine. If I add additional rules, comments (prefaced with #), or blank lines, the filter file breaks - often with rsync complaining that it it could not parse the file.

I have gone over and over the man page, the net, and my syntax, and I can't find anything. From my perspective, per-dir filters on the remote side of an OS X rsync transfer are broken.

Local side: OS X 10.5.8, rsync 2.6.9
Remote side: OS X 10.6.7, rsync 2.6.9

Any thoughts?

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