ACL and link-dest

AZ 9901 az9901 at
Mon May 23 13:31:47 MDT 2011

I mean completely unchanged : file content, access rights, ACL... nothing changed at all.
It looks like rsync does not go into xattr attributes to see if ACL already exists and is the same, so thinks that the file is different and re-create it.

If you do the test I give in my bug report, executing rsync without waiting between 2 runs, without touching your test files... so being sure files are not modified at all, you will see that they are not hard linked together.
Comparing ACL on destination side will reveal that ACL are exactly the same. But files are not hard linked.
Trying without -A (--acls) will hard link files together.


Le 23 mai 2011 à 21:07, Andrew Gideon a écrit :

> On Mon, 23 May 2011 19:45:57 +0200, AZ 9901 wrote:
>> Well, when using -A (--acls), same (unchanged) files between 2 rsync
>> runs are not linked together. Removing -A (--acls) makes things fine,
>> files are hard linked together.
> Where you write "unchanged", do you mean completely unchanged or do you 
> mean that nothing is changed but for an ACL, which is changed?
> If the latter, I believe that what you describe as occurring is the 
> expected behavior.
> 	- Andrew
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