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Mon May 23 11:45:57 MDT 2011

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for your answer !

Well, when using -A (--acls), same (unchanged) files between 2 rsync runs are not linked together.
Removing -A (--acls) makes things fine, files are hard linked together.

I opened a bug relative to that and gave a quick "script" (Comment 3) to reproduce the bug.

Thank you !


Le 23 mai 2011 à 15:25, Andrew Gideon a écrit :

> On Sun, 08 May 2011 18:21:23 +0200, AZ 9901 wrote:
> [...]
>> So why Rsync does not hard link them ?
> If I understand what you're asking correctly, you've two files that are 
> identical but for the ACLs which are different.  You're asking why these 
> two files aren't hard-linked?
> The answer is that the ACL - at least as far as file systems I've seen - 
> is on the inode, not the directory entry which refers to an inode.  
> Therefore, if you've two files hard-linked to one another, they must 
> share the same ACL.
> The act of changing the ACL requires rsync to make a second copy.
> Happily, it seems that rsync is sufficiently smart to make the copy at 
> the destination end of the copy.  That is, it doesn't bother to transfer 
> the file since the file's content is already at the destination.  It 
> merely creates the required new copy and then changes the new copy's ACL.
> Does this help you?
> 	- Andrew
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