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Tue May 17 10:18:01 MDT 2011

I have no idea about potential rsync modifications, but you might try FDT to solve this problem:

I have found it easy to use and it absolutely maxes all available bandwidth for the fastest possible data transfer. It doesn't have rsync goodies like update and only changed data, but it's multithreaded, multi-stream, and all around a really fast data mover.


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> I have a backup server now restoring 6TB of data to a client machine.
> This has been going on for four days now, and no sign of getting close
> to completion.
> The connexion is Gb enet end-to-end, and is running at only 40Mb/s. It
> has far more capacity than that. The only limiting factor I can see is
> on the backup server one core of the CPU is running 100% rsync.
> Clearly rsync is not multi-threaded.
> In researching this I find that a change to multi-threaded goodness
> would require a massive rewrite, and would only be considered for an
> rsync replacement.
> Is there such a replacement in the offing? Is there any sort of
> workaround for the time being? ATM the large amount of data is the
> /home directory on the client machine.
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