default destination of files with no :/ path on the server

Adrian Levi adrian.levi at
Fri May 13 18:24:01 MDT 2011

I have accidentally uploaded some files to a VPS server using rsync
through an ssh transport mechanism. I used the following command to
upload the files:
rsync -avzh --progress /srv/source-path root at server

The directory exists on the host server as subsequent file runs don't
transfer data.
The hosting company has done some investigation and can't locate the
files on the host OS either.
Not sure if they have checked the host os / but they have checked the host /srv.

In testing i created and uploaded in the reverse direction a file
called test-file.txt containing my email address. Using the same
method above the file was sucessfully uploaded to my server but using
the command:
file / -name test-file.txt -print
is unable to locate the file anywhere. I am absolutely stumped in this
issue, any advice is appreciated.


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