After successfull passwordless ssh login, unable to do rsync

Boniforti Flavio flavio at
Thu Mar 31 08:47:32 MDT 2011

Hello Hendrik and thanks for your patience in explanations ;-)

> Again:
> 1) rsync -e ssh /local/path user at remoteserver:/remote/path  
> This will use *SSH* authentication to setup the connection, 
> and then access the filesystem using user's rights.
> 2) rsync /local/path rsync://remoteserver/remote_module/path
>  This will use RSYNCD authentication to rsync daemon modules 
> in /etc/rsyncd.conf
> You do the following:
> a) setup a ssh tunnel (its own seperate authentication)
> b) then make use of (2), ie. RSYNCD connection (over the 
> already established ssh tunnel) that will need RSYNCD 
> authentication to the rsyncd module.

Yes, indeed I follow the latter steps you detailed.
Now I need to know *where* I can tell rsyncd to *not* ask for a

Do you have a clue where to look for that?

Thanks again,
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