weird result when using --link-dest

Tony Abernethy tony at
Tue Mar 29 06:07:13 MDT 2011

Thanks for the detail.

du -s /tmp/full_20110329_122743 /tmp/20110329_122743
du -s /tmp/20110329_122743 /tmp/full_20110329_122743
du -s /tmp/full_20110329_122743
du -s /tmp/20110329_122743

Technically, the directories have entries which point to the inodes which are in fact the files.
When you delete one of these, either of these, you will not save much space.

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I create one full backup, then another backup based on that, using --link-dest to reduce the size of the following backups, but the result is very suprising. the full backup seems to be reduzed in size!!
I've reduced the commands to the bare minimum that still procduces the str.
ange result.

mkdir -p /tmp/full_20110329_122743 
mkdir -p /tmp/20110329_125251

rsync --archive  -e "ssh" server:/var/webdir/  /tmp/full_20110329_122743

du -s /tmp/*20110329*
18272 /tmp/full_20110329_122743
12 /tmp/20110329_125251

rsync --archive -e "ssh" --link-dest /tmp/full_20110329_122743 server:/var/webdir /tmp/20110329_125251/

du -s /tmp/*20110329*
18272   /tmp/20110329_125251
532     /tmp/full_20110329_122743

I thought /tmp/full_20110329_122743 would be of size 18272 and not the other way?

Can someone help me spot the error?

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