"Connection reset by peer" withing a rsyncd strace log

thomas veymont thomas.veymont at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 12:30:04 MDT 2011

> Having timing information (-tt) in the strace output would help a bit,
> as well as parallel client and server straces. However, I guess that
> there's an underlying network problem causing this, like a firewall
> dropping a too old connection or something like that.  Thus, I'd
> suggest to also do a tcpdump -i ethX -n -s0 -w rsync.pcap -C 5 port rsync
> This should rotate the pcap files after ~ 5MB, only the very last one
> (from client as well as from server) are really interesting.)
> MfG, JBG

thanks JB for this tip.
we're going to enquire using these tools (tcpdump + strace -tt), but
the situation
at the client's institute (people coming back and forth) implies that
it will take
some time.  I'll report a little bit later to the list about this issue.

thanks again,

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