cygwin rsync & Windows firewall

Jeff Mancuso jmancuso at
Mon Mar 14 09:57:18 MDT 2011


I'm trying to figure out why using a cygwin compiled version of rsync [both the cwRsync distribution and the deltacopy distribution] are prompting the user for an inbound firewall exception on Windows [testing on Win7]. I'm not doing anything fancy, just pushing out to a remote through ssh [rsync.exe local_path user at path]. Everything works fine even if I deny the entry through the firewall - which you'd expect. Even if I operate only on local paths I still am prompted for the firewall exception.

1. What is the reason rsync is opening a port? Is this some odd artifact of a cygwin compilation?

2. Can I disable this behavior without a custom patch?

I ask because I'm trying to cleanly wrap the program for novice end users and the firewall prompt is confusing & disconcerting.


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