two bugs in rsync 3.0.6 - ampersands in filenames, double quoting required

travis+ml-rsync at travis+ml-rsync at
Fri Mar 11 19:41:26 MST 2011


deleting path/to/(Something) Word Word Anotherword--Word Word.pdf
IO error encountered -- skipping file deletion

I think either the -- is causing it to fail, or more likely, the next
filename, which it didn't bother to print out, which has an ampersand
in the name, causes it to fail.

I am using SSH as a substrate, of course, and I think you guys failed
to escape things, so the ampersand is hosing your protocol somehow.


I am also aware that when rsyncing to a foreign system, you have to
"double escape" filenames - if the target has a space in it, you must
use not one, but two sets of quotes.  Since you can't nest double
quotes or single quotes, this means that you have to use both.

This is fairly annoying, for a number of reasons, including the
difficulty of doing variable substitution (single quotes prevent it,
so you gotta bust out for the variable and then back in), and the fact
that it's not intuitive at all.
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