[Bug 8001] Is MAXPATHLEN set properly on FreeBSD?

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            Summary|buffer overflow in          |Is MAXPATHLEN set properly
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--- Comment #1 from Wayne Davison <wayned at samba.org> 2011-03-10 22:14:24 UTC ---
MAXPATHLEN is a system-defined value of the longest path a function such as
open() can handle, so you can't just arbitrarily increase it.  If your OS
provides a MAXPATHLEN value that is smaller than what open() can handle, file a
bug with the FreeBSD folks.  If it doesn't provide any such define, rsync.h
will set it to be a conservative 1024 bytes.  If you find that FreeBSD has some
other define for this maximal value I can either get rsync.h to make use of it,
or you can get the FreeBSD folks to define MAXPATHLEN.

As for increasing the value not helping -- you must either not have defined it
right, or you must be doing a transfer where the other side doesn't have a
larger buffer.

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