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Wed Mar 9 07:30:16 MST 2011

I am using Rsync in a Windows environment and its working perfectly.  I am running into an issue where on one of my Windows servers there is a folder called "share"  rsync sees this and copies it exactly the way its supposed to.  Here is my rsync command:

rsync  -auvrlt --progress --stats --delete "/cygdrive/v/SHARE/" "jaxback02::u/%computername%/SHARE/

The issue is there is a another share on this server  called "shared", this points to the same /SHARE/ folder.  Rsync is creating two different folders on the destination server one called SHARE and on called SHARED, and then its duplicating the data to both folders....  Is shared is not a physical folder why is rsync see it as such?

Chad Franks
Engineer, Network Services
Crowley Maritime Corp.

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