[Bug 7885] rsync fills the disk blocking the system

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--- Comment #2 from giampaolo ferradini <giampaolo.ferradini at gmail.com> 2011-03-08 07:48:01 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> Assigning special meaning to /media differs by OS, and is not something that
> rsync should handle.  A backup script that is going to use rsync should
> definitely check if the path it is going to use is properly mounted first.
> Not overflowing a destination disk is a difficult problem to handle in an
> efficient manner, since (1) we don't know how much space we need when we start,
> (2) other processes could be using space during our run, making an initial
> check inaccurate, (3) block sizes inefficiencies and directory-space
> requirements are hard to compute, and (4) the destination tree may be split
> over multiple volumes.  One potential solution might be to have a command-line
> option that would tell rsync to check specific mount points at specific
> intervals and exit if below a given percent.  However, such a check idiom might
> be better written as a helper script that could be used to run rsync, regularly
> check the destination filesystems via df, and kill rsync should space
> requirements diminish below desired levels.  If someone would like to write
> such a helper script, I'd be glad to include it in the contrib directory.

thank you for your reply, and sorry for my late reply to it.
unfortunately i am definitely too unexperienced to write that kind of script.
but if you have examples or references for the single bits, i'd certainly be
willing to play with it.

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