rsync fails to write write xattr user.rsync

Michael Hierweck team at
Wed Jun 29 02:25:15 MDT 2011

Hi all,

I'm trying to setup rsync for backup purpose.
Both client and server (storage) are using rsync 3.0.7 delivered by
Debian Squeeze.

The client invokes rsync using ssh (as root):

rsync --archive --delete --exclude-from=/etc/backup.excludes
--numeric-ids --relative --rsh=ssh / backup at

rsync --archive --delete --numeric-ids --relative --rsh=ssh
backup at<path> /<path>/

The server provides access to rsync using ssh forced commands (as nice
normal unix user):

command="rsync --daemon --server --config=/etc/rsyncd-backup.conf
ssh-rsa AAAA...

use chroot=false
fake super=true
read only=false
write only=false

This setup seems to work, it backups and restores plain
files/directories successfully preserving their ownership and
permissions. But there is some trouble concerning special files such as

On both sides erros are reported. Rsync proceeds with the backup but
terminate with an non 0 exit code.

rsync: failed to write xattr user.rsync.%stat for "path/to/a/socket" (in
backup): Operation not permitted (1)

* How I make rsync backup sockets properly? (It works when running as
root on both sides, without fake super option. Adding the fake super
option on the client side does not affect the problem.)

* If it's not possible, can these errors be suppressed in order to be
able to distinguish easily between "these" and "real" errors?

* Are there any other obvious issues? Can the setup be improved
(preserve acls, xattrs, improve security)?

Needless(?) to say: rsync is a really, really great tool. Thank you.

Thanks in advance


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