rsync batch file list output?

Justin T Pryzby justinp at
Wed Jun 15 12:09:14 MDT 2011

Is there any way to output some "stat/ls/diffstat/index"-type output
from a batch file?  I'd like to see what's taking the most space, so
the important bits would be the file name and some metric for the
changed file size.  Total size of the data in the batch file for that
file would be fine, even if that's not the only metric or not
necessarily the same as the "total bytes changed" or such.

I imagine I can do something like rerunning rsync -niv --read-batch,
  but is there any way to do it which 1) doesn't depend on an
(unchanged?) source directory; and, 2) doesn't require restatting
every file in two directory trees?

Please Cc me on responses.


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