The --max-delete option and also question about depth first deletions

Ted Gilchrist egilchri at
Mon Jun 6 07:40:39 MDT 2011


   I'm trying to build a bullet-proof rsync deployment, using rsync  version
3.0.8  protocol version 30, and I'll be using the --delete option. As a way
of limiting any catastrophic losses I'm thinking about using --max-delete. I
have a couple of questions:

- If the maximum number of deletions occurs, will rsync keep chugging away,
copying over files to my destination,
but just not delete any further? In that way, perfectly legitimate rync
commands will work to completion, only they will just stop deleting excess

- Does the deletion occur in a depth-first fashion? So if we have top level
and we have a runaway deletion, begining at  top/, will it first delete
everything in top/a, then top/b. etc. until it hits the max-delete number?

I have other measures in place to make sure none of this happens. I just
wanted to understand the worst-case scenario.

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