[Bug 8188] Mechanism for taking an rsync server down for maintenance

Matt McCutchen matt at mattmccutchen.net
Wed Jun 1 13:26:32 MDT 2011

On Wed, 2011-06-01 at 14:57 -0400, Brian K. White wrote:
> I like the built-in idea as I don't happen to use rsync via inetd/xinetd 
> or any other on-demand starter.
> It's not an actual problem for me, today, but that's no excuse to avoid 
> doing the right thing once you recognize it.

And "the right thing" for upstream rsync is in Wayne's sole discretion.
In my view, the perl script is a fine solution and what convenience
there may be in a built-in option does not merit the effort of
maintaining the feature as part of rsync.


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