Possibility to run rsync without hash table lookups

Michael Lynch michaellynch511 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 02:42:10 MDT 2011

I accidentally finished the email with a statement.

My question still stands: Is it possible to disable hash table look ups, but
still have the MD5 block comparison?


On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 4:40 PM, Michael Lynch <michaellynch511 at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi All
> I am using rsync to do a local network copy of 10 ~8gig files.
> The source is a NAS Atom rsync server, and the destination is a cygdrive,
> obviously on the same computer that is running rsync client.
> I am using --inplace, and ingeneral, the 8gig files generally have data
> changed within the file, but the general structure of the file is not
> changed. They are Firebird databases. (The total daily binary difference,
> that which is sent over the wire, is usually about 300meg for 8gig file)
> I am looking at ways to improve the performance.
> What I have noticed is the following:
> 1) RSync checks that the file needs updating
> 2) It runs through the file on the client (8gig read on the client, quite
> quick)
> 3) Client and server now start running through the file. But this is slow,
> CPU limits this to 10megs/s
> Presumably, the CPU is getting thrashed because it is performing hash table
> lookups.
> Is it possible to disable hash table look ups, but still have the MD5 block
> comparison?
> So, in step 3, both the client and server run through the file, and send
> each other MD5 block comparisons, and simply transfer the whole block if
> needed, instead of doing a hash table lookup?
> I have tried --append and --append-verify, but my data is not strictly
> append-only data
> When I used --append-verify, it confirmed that the Atom server it quite
> capable of chewing through a large file and generating checksums.
> If I am correct, I think it would be a nice feature for RSync, to just do
> block comparison, combined with the '--inplace' feature.
> Fantastic stuff.
> Cheers
> Michael.
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