How to call rsync client so that is detects that server has gone away?

Larry Irwin mkitwrk at
Tue Jul 12 12:50:01 MDT 2011

  Hi All,
I have an rsync client that is not re-starting and/or timing out when 
the server processes die/go away...
The client is rsync  version 3.0.4  protocol version 30, natively 
compiled on Debian 6, kernel
The server is a QNAP NAS device running rsync version 3.0.6 protocol 
version 30.
(I can change the client version if I need to, but not the version on 
the QNAP device)
I am trying to rsync ~700gb to the QNAP device, hopefully once per day.
There are ~40,000,000 files, many of them rsync-snapshot hard-links.
It takes a long time, so I'm using LVM2 snapshots to get static views of 
the data partitions.
I need to preserve the links or the destination size will multiply by a 
factor of 6 or so...
The command I am using on the client is:
nice -n 19 rsync -ave "ssh -l ${LOGIN} -p ${PORT}" --links --hard-links 
--perms --times --owner --group --delete --stats 
--exclude-from=${RSHOME}/cfg/rsyncbackup.exclude --link-dest=${LINKDEST} 
/ ${LOGIN}@${IPADDRESS}:..${DEST} 2>&1 | gzip -9 > ${LOGNAME}
The client and the QNAP are connected on the LAN with 1Gb NIC's on Gb 
When/if the server's rsync processes die (for an unknown reason at this 
point), I'd love for the client to recognize this fact and jump-start 
the server processes to pick up where they left off.
If not that, at least to quit and exit in a reasonable fashion...
At this moment, it is 2:45pm: The rsync started at 9:00am - the server 
processes went away at 12:33 PM - the client processes are still running...
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Larry Irwin

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