[Bug 8177] Problems with big sparsed files

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--- Comment #6 from joluinfante at gmail.com 2011-07-07 15:38:30 UTC ---
Excuse me by the delay, and thanks for your reply.
The problem are:
* I need use the rsync (statically compiled) to rsync files between a esxi-free
4.1 (vmware) and a linux filesystem. 
* Then, I did compile the rsync from sources, in a rhel platform (appropiate to
generate binaries for this version of vmware), and transfer it to esxi host.
* In esxi-free 4.1 (the sender side), we don't have tools to debug.
* I don't have experience with sparse files in other platforms, to test it.

Can you give me a little help to modify the source to add debug information in
the syscall?. I did try it, but, because the size of file is very large, and I
see a lot of debug information.

(In reply to comment #5)
> Any time there is a read error, rsync tweaks the checksum so that it doesn't
> match, thus alerting the receiver that the file is bogus.  You need to figure
> out what is causing this error from your OS:
> rsync: read errors mapping
> "/vmfs/volumes/cata-021-lun0/cata-920/cata-920-flat.vmdk": Invalid argument
> (22)
> That error is reported at the end of all the reading, and indicates that one of
> the read() calls for the sender's file returned that errno.  If you strace the
> sending side, you should be able to see what the parameters are to the read()
> that trigger that OS error.

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