Brandysnap -- a new rsync-based snapshot management script

Henri Shustak henri.shustak at
Tue Jul 5 00:01:59 MDT 2011

>> Hi Chris,
>> I am involved with the LBackup project. Would you be okay with a link being generated to the Brandy on github page from the LBackup alternatives<>  page?
> Yes, that would be great.

>> Depending upon the license you release Brandysnap under, perhaps in the future Brandysnap functionality could be incorporated into the LBackup project?
> It's GPL'd -- share and enjoy!

Okay. GPL, same as LBackup.

Also, if this is helpful for anyone else on the list. My initial testing of BrandySnap shows that it works on Mac OS X. All that was required was an update to perl and the installation of some modules via CPAN.

Seems like a great project!

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