keep 2 dirs in sync

Mark Constable markc at
Sat Jul 2 20:32:00 MDT 2011

On 2011-07-01 09:40 PM, Chris Dennis wrote:
> >> I have two hosts (my portable and my desktop). I work on both
> >> hosts at different times and so I keep a few dirs sync'd
> >> between the two. I have a docs dir where I may be modifying
> >> files, adding files, renaming files and deleting files on
> >> *either* host.
> > 
> > You may want to investigate unison, which is designed for such
> > usage.

It's written in OCaml.

> Or syncany --

Sigh, excellent concept but it's mostly in Java which is unacceptable
for me. Would anyone know of any project written in C/C++ based directly
on rsync, and maybe Git?

If not then would anyone be interested in starting such a project with
similar goals to Syncany but only for *nix?

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