How to use rsync when filenames contain double quotes?

Walrus Foolhill walrus.foolhill at
Sun Jan 30 14:45:57 MST 2011

Thank you for all your answers. Indeed, after I reformatted my USB
hard-drive in ext3, it worked smoothly.

2011/1/30 Wayne Davison <wayned at>

> On Sat, Jan 29, 2011 at 4:15 PM, Walrus Foolhill <
> walrus.foolhill at> wrote:
>> Both hard-drives don't seem to have the same filesystem type (ext3 versus
>> vfat): can it be due to this?
> Yes.  Different filessystems have different rules for what characters they
> allow.  An "Invalid argument" comes from outside of rsync, and means you
> need to figure out what the OS/filesystem doesn't like about the name.  You
> can always try creating a file manually, for instance.  However, I'm fairly
> sure that a double quote is not allowed by FAT filesystems.
> ..wayne..
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