rsync -rcv printing out filenames when content identical

Matt McCutchen matt at
Thu Jan 27 12:10:47 MST 2011

On Thu, 2011-01-27 at 01:41 +0000, Mikolaj Kucharski wrote:
> It seems that the content of those mails is not important. I've recreated
> structure of my backup/ and mail/ directories with *empty* files. rsync
> behaves the same and tries to rsync Jira randomly. I've also re-created
> directory structure with random content in the files and got as well the
> same behaviour.
> I'm attaching a tarball with few scripts which create random content and
> zero-file-sized content in backup/ and mail/
> Can someone explain me why rsync behaves that it tries to sync Jira
> folder? For a moment I though I have badrams or something, but I've
> tested this on many OSes and different hardware.


Yes, this looks like a bug with incremental recursion (it goes away with
--no-i-r).  The semi-asynchronous transmission of file-list chunks could
help to explain the apparent timing dependence.

I have filed a bug report:


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