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Tue Jan 25 13:30:19 MST 2011

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> Please note that this is a very amateurish attempt, but I would really like to
> get feedback to improve on this.

See the patch drop-cache.diff in older releases.  There is also a newer version
of the patch that someone else wrote.

This won't be in the official release until OS support is better.  At present
the POSIX_FADV_DONTNEED option in linux does all kinds of weird things (or did
at the time the patch was written by Tobi Oetiker), such as uncaching files
that someone else put into the cache (so, if you copy a file that someone else
is using heavily, it totally vanishes from the disk cache).

I still say that a better solution than modifying various copy programs would
be to have a helper app (ala nice, etc.) that would use a pre-loaded library to
do whatever the current OS needs to do to make the file reading not flood the
cache.  Then it could be used with cp, tar, etc.

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