DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7927] Rsync does not sync folders named "tags"

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Thu Jan 20 05:06:38 MST 2011

------- Comment #1 from paul at  2011-01-20 06:06 CST -------
You do understand the implications of all the command line switches you're
passing to rsync, right? Quoting from the manpage:

-C, --cvs-exclude
       This is a useful shorthand for excluding a broad range of  files
       that you often don't want to transfer between systems. It uses a
       similar algorithm to CVS  to  determine  if  a  file  should  be

       The  exclude  list is initialized to exclude the following items
       (these initial items are marked as perishable -- see the  FILTER
       RULES section):

              RCS   SCCS   CVS   CVS.adm   RCSLOG  cvslog.*  tags  TAGS
              .make.state .nse_depinfo *~ #* .#* ,* _$* *$ *.old  *.bak
              *.BAK  *.orig *.rej .del-* *.a *.olb *.o *.obj *.so *.exe
              *.Z *.elc *.ln core .svn/ .git/ .bzr/


As you can see, "tags" is included in the list of things to exclude when using
-C, hence rsync is working exactly the way you asked it to.

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