Implicit --itemize

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Wed Jan 19 01:17:35 MST 2011

At 07:44 18.01.2011 -0800, you wrote:
>In < at localhost>, on 01/18/11
>   at 09:32 AM, Fabian Cenedese <Cenedese at> said:
>>Is it possible that "SSH -i key" could also be scanned by rsync and
>>interpreted as --itemize?
>That is what is happening.  You have
> -e "$SSH"
>and your shell is interpreting this as multiple arguments after expansion. 
>Depending on your shell, changing this to
> -e \""$SSH"\"
>might be sufficient to avoid the issue.

I use the same construct in other scripts without having this problem.
So I think the escaping is already correct. The main reason might be
the logfile command as Matt pointed out. I will try and see.


bye  Fabi

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