DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7778] Extra writes with --inplace due to misaligned block matching

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Tue Jan 18 00:10:08 MST 2011

------- Comment #9 from wayned at  2011-01-18 01:10 CST -------
The latest 3.1.0dev version now re-aligns for sequences of zeros.  I toyed with
generalizing it for any repetitive blocks, but that would have caused extra
(useless) checksumming for any inplace file update where the data moved toward
the start of the file -- it doesn't seem worthwhile to slow things down in the
more common cases to try to optimize the more rare data cases.

So, the current code will re-sync for non-repetitive data (as it always would)
and also (now) for zeros (the most common repetitive data).  Further
improvements may yet be possible, but I'm not looking for any at the moment.

I've also optimized away the search loop that used to be there to find the
right sum record for the current position in the file.  That will especially
help files that have a lot of identical sum records in a particular hash chain.

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