[PATCH] One more -x to not traverse cyclic bind-mounts

Jeff Hansen jhansen at cardaccess-inc.com
Thu Jan 13 11:24:21 MST 2011

This patch allows one to repeat the '-x' option a third time to stop 
rsync from traversing potentially cyclic bind mounts that are on the 
same filesystem.

For example, the following scenario would cyclically traverse the bind 
mounts until the OS (Linux in this case) hits a maximum traversal count, 
thank goodness.  Other OSes may traverse the bind mount indefinitely...

mkdir ~/cycle
touch ~/cycle/file.txt
mkdir ~/cycle/cycle
mount -o bind ~/cycle ~/cycle/cycle
rsync -avxx ~/cycle ~/cycle2

Please let me if there is any feedback on this patch and when/if this 
patch can be merged.  Thanks!


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//801-748-4901 (fax)//

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