DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6746] file from link-dest-source is copies and not linked for identical files

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Mon Feb 14 08:54:47 MST 2011

------- Comment #4 from utoddl at  2011-02-14 09:54 CST -------
Perhaps related: I'm using rsync 3.0.7 between two Fedora 13 boxes. Every day I
backup a tree of just under 10000 files and directories. I keep 30 days worth
of backups in directories with names like image.2011-02-11_0520,
image.2011-02-12_0520, image.2011-02-13_0520... I found some time ago by trial
and error that --link-dest=<some_prior_backup> would only work if specified 20
or fewer times.  Recently I noticed increased disk usage on the backup machine,
and discovered that my backups no longer had hard links. It was as if
--link-dest was not specified at all. Further trial and error showed that where
20 --link-dest options would work before, now only 12 would. I have cut that
down to 5, and it seems to be working, but why it would work with 20 before, 12
now, and fail silently in any case seems... strange. 

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