DO NOT REPLY [Bug 7951] Option for case insensitivity in filter rules

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Thu Feb 10 23:23:07 MST 2011

------- Comment #2 from chris at  2011-02-11 00:23 CST -------
Rather than a command line switch which turns all filename comparisons
case-insensitive (per --ignore-case from ignore-case.diff), or makes filter
rules case-insensitive (per requested --filter-rules-case-insensitive), I'd
prefer filter rules themselves come in case-sensitive and case-insensitive
versions, e.g.:

# Exclude .gif files, but not .GIF
exclude, *.gif
- *.gif

# Exclude .gif and .GIF (and .GiF etc) files
excludei, *.gif
-i *.gif

A use-case for this is on a case-sensitive filesystem where you do care about
case sensitivity in file names (i.e. --ignore-case
isn't appropriate), but you want to filter all case permutations in some cases
but not others (i.e. --filter-rules-case-insensitive would be inappropriate).

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