Incremental backup with only delta into a separate file.

Henri Shustak henri.shustak at
Wed Feb 9 16:23:17 MST 2011

> Is there anyway in which i can have only the delta of the original file be present at the backup location.
> something like 
> 1. 1st backup is 100M 
> 2. write 20MB to the original file
> 3. do a sync using hardlinks 
> 4. i have 20MB file at backup location with the delta changes only.

Probably someone else on the mailing list will be able to provide further details or clarification or a better solution than the following :

Assuming that I have understood what you are trying to achieve, you may wish to look at backing up to a file system which offers data de-deuplication. 

Regardless, I am interested to know if you work this out!

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