rsync not reporting diskfull error

Wayne Davison wayned at
Mon Feb 7 14:59:26 MST 2011

If pushing data (e.g. a local copy or copy from local to remote), there is a
failure where the receiver can try to report an error, die, and the sender
gets the error trying to write to the receiver before it gets the error
message from "around the horn" (it would have gone to the generator, and
then to the sender if given a chance).  This is something that I've fixed in
rsync 3.1.0dev (the latest git on the master branch), which now has a mode
where the receiver just chews through data waiting for a die signal instead
of dying before the error messages can be finished up.  It also supports the
--msgs2stderr option, which works for most local and remote-shell situations
(but not daemon connections) where any of the 3 processes can output its
message to stderr and bypass all the data being sent on the protocol socket.

The upcoming 3.0.8 release won't have either of these items, but 3.1.0
should be released not too long after 3.0.8.

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