Problems with modification times in a FreeBSD jail

Josh Endries josh at
Wed Feb 2 09:02:50 MST 2011


I'm having problems with rsync 3.0.5 setting the mtime. I haven't see  
anything in the newer changelogs about it though... I am running rsync  
over SSH *from* a jail on one machine *to* a different host machine,  
and pulling files from that host into the jail.

The problem is that the mtime never gets updated, so on every run it  
transfers the same files. There aren't any warnings or errors  
outputted. I know the contents don't change, I've looked and run diff.  
In verbose output I can see it attempt (and probably succeed) at a  
mtime set for the temporary file:

backed up batches/xls/custid_email2.txt to batches/xls/custid_email2.txt~
set modtime of batches/xls/.custid_email2.txt.U4hy9v to (1233281922)  
Thu Jan 29 21:18:42 2009
renaming batches/xls/.custid_email2.txt.U4hy9v to  

Afterward though it hasn't changed:

cartman# ls -l batches/xls/custid_email2.txt
-rwxrwxr-x+ 1 root  www  875903 Feb  2 10:21 batches/xls/custid_email2.txt

cartman# stat batches/xls/custid_email2.txt
94 2811956 -rwxrwxr-x 1 root www 11535296 875903 "Feb  2 10:21:14  
2011" "Feb  2 10:21:14 2011" "Feb  2 10:21:14 2011" "Jan 29 21:18:42  
2009" 4096 1764 0 batches/xls/custid_email2.txt

If I use touch to manually change the date, it skips the file. I do  
have ACLs enabled and in use on this filesystem...and it does transfer  
those properly.

My current workaround is to use --inplace, which does work, leading me  
to believe that the renaming process is what is losing the date. Is  
there a way to verify that the temporary file has the correct date  
(not delete it maybe)? Is there a better solution than --inplace? Has  
anyone seen this before? Google wasn't much help...

opening connection using: /usr/bin/ssh -p 45678 -l root kenny rsync  
--server --sender -vvvblHogDtpArze.iL --inplace . /var/www/


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