rsync is skipping some files, permission problem

Walter White homerun4711 at
Sat Dec 31 17:10:29 MST 2011


Happy New Year!

I came across a small problem a few minutes ago while I was comparing a
sync'ed folder to its source, the home-directory of my user,

I noticed that not all files had been copied and I recognized that the
files/folders have permission rwx------ or drwx------ and are owned by

My rsync script being run using sudo and I am wondering why sudo is not
access to the files.

The parameters are "-avz --modify-window=3 --stats --progress --delete

Can someone explain to me if this behavior is normal and expected?
And what would be the best solution to this? Are there any parameters you
suggest or do I have to use for instance a "chmod 755" before running rsync?

Kind regards,
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