securing rsync backup solutions?

Henri Shustak henri.shustak at
Wed Dec 28 15:01:53 MST 2011

> - - laptop-to-server: the laptop tends to roam a lot, network conditions
> vary from place to place, and the rsync will be initiated manually, so
> it is likely to be a `push' operation, the ssh keys will definitely need
> to be encrypted and unlocked manually, but even with that security, I
> want to ensure the keys have the minimum level of access possible on the
> server - the laptop definitely shouldn't have a key for the root account

You may be interested in the approach listed at the following URL :

Unfortunately, the URL above is aimed specifically towards Mac OS X systems. However, I am hopeful that there is a similar (band based) disk image system available for GNU/LINUX. If you find something like that then please let me know.

Using a virtual file system allows you to save permissions within the disk image and then push the changes within the disk image to a remote server without requiring root access to the remote server.

Finally, Kevin's comments regarding push and pull backups are worth keeping in mind.

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